Is Your Shampoo/Conditioner Causing More Harm Than Good??

Is Your Shampoo/Conditioner Causing More Harm Than Good??

Our shampoos/conditioners we choose to use are very important for overall scalp and hair health. Many brands will say that they target dandruff, reduction in itchiness, psoriasis help etc. These claims, in many cases, do not deliver. 

If you have a tender or sensitive scalp, avoid all fragrances. ALL OF THEM. I don't care if the brand says it targets a certain thing, if there is fragrance, it will cause irritation. Even if you don't feel the irritation right away, your follicles will. I won't even get into all of the other ingredients to avoid since I briefly covered that in another blog post, but also if the shampoo has more than 9 or 10 ingredients, they are doing it wrong and adding many unnecessary ingredients which usually do more harm than good. Just because Biolage is expensive doesn't mean that they are better for you. 

I may get some hate, but I want your scalps to thank you. I have used the brand Calia Natural ( for 4 years now, and they offer an unscented version. It can be challenging to switch shampoos at first, but once your hair adjusts, your scalp and entire body will thank you.

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