What Is Natural Dry Shampoo and How To Use!

What Is Natural Dry Shampoo and How To Use!

What is dry shampoo?

I get asked this question often and basically it is a quick and easy way to absorb the excess oil in hair without having to wash it with conventional shampoo and conditioner. Ain't nobody got time to wash daily and it is actually worse for the hair to strip it of its natural oils. When washed daily and even every other day, we don't allow our hair its ability to produce its own oils, and instead it is overcompensating and becoming extra oily so the hair can still be nourished. In turn, we can get really greasy hair and that leads to washing more often. I have hair trained to start washing every 5-7 days and I have very straight, fine hair that gets oily pretty quick. So, in the off days, I apply my No Poo Dry Shampoo powder to absorb that oil and allow me another day of not washing. 


How to apply a powdered dry shampoo like No Poo??

The best way to apply powder dry shampoo is with an applicator brush.

One with dense, short bristles like mine on my website, will keep the product from going everywhere--wasting your $$ and getting "snow" on your shoulders.
1. Apply at your roots. Start in 1" to 2" sections. Using your applicator brush, get some powder on your bristles (not too much!). Then apply in a dabbing motion at your scalp. 
2. Distribute product. Your fingertips are the best tool for this job. Using very clean hands, shoosh it up. Put your fingers on your scalp and tousle your hair. Do this anywhere you applied product. Do this until there are no more powdery spots.
3. Brush and/or style your hair. You're good to go! By this step, you should have soft, voluminous, touchable hair. Leave it down or try one of those fancy Pinterest Braids. 


Pro Tips:

If you are used to the spray stuff, the powder kind can be an adjustment. Here are some tips to avoid that powdery look...
  • If you can, apply the night before. Applying dry shampoo before your hair gets oily will make a huge difference. While you're getting your Z's, the powder will absorb any scalp oil as it happens. When you wake up, you will have a head of voluminous, fresh hair. 
  • Apply daily. The first application will be the heaviest. Every application after that until your next wash, will most likely only be a touch up. You may find that your hair looks even better the second, third(,seventh?) day.
  • Apply near, but not on your part line. If you don't have time to let the product set in, apply near, but not on any parts of your hair that will show. This will keep you from looking like you just dumped a bucket of powder on your head. 
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