Why I Started My Non-Toxic Dry Shampoo Business!

Why I Started My Non-Toxic Dry Shampoo Business!

Hi, as many of you know, my name is Erin Davis and I am the founder and owner of No Poo Products. I never thought I would write a blog, but here I am...writing a blog haha. I am hoping to provide helpful hints, tips and tricks from things I have learned along my journey of reducing toxins in my home. This won't be a 12 page blog(even thought that tempts the former English Teacher in me haha), but one that provides more insight into my heart and a platform where we can get to know each other, via short blogs.

It all started in 2016 for me when my daughter was born. She had extremely sensitive skin and would break out in rashes when she would come into contact with fragranced or scented things. So I started to dive into the world of non-toxic living. Which is actually unattainable and very stressful to try to eliminate every single toxin, and that isn't even possible. 

However, I do believe that we are the gatekeepers of our homes and it is up to us to know what we are allowing into our homes. With auto-immune issues on the rise, diseases, infertility, cancer and a slew of other devastating things, we can actually do many things to bolster our immune systems, reduce cancer causing carcinogens in our homes, and become educated in helping our families and homes live their most vibrant and best lives(tea as medicine anyone?).

Now, for where my name came from. So, I was potty training my daughter at the time and there was a lot of poop involved. I wanted to make a dry shampoo that didn't have poopy ingredients. I took off the poopy part and just stuck with No Poo Dry Shampoo which was actually changed last year to No Poo Products in order to be more on target with what my brand encompasses which is branching out to make more lower toxin items for our hair, skin and body in general. I believe with my whole heart that what we put on and in our bodies matters(I will probably be sharing nutrition topics as well at some point since that has transformed my life too from a type of eating disorder I had for a brief time in college to how food is used as medicine to fuel and support our bodies to live their best life). Anyways, I digress, but I am very excited to share more of my journey and hopefully help some of you along the way.

What are some topics you want to see on this blog? I would absolutely love to know!! 

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