About Me

I am a modern mom of 2 on a mission to create a high-quality, non-toxic, and an eco-friendly product that’s safe for you and the entire family! 




I was in the bathroom at home one day, just caking my hair with aerosol dry shampoo. I had the kids around me in the bathroom and although I was holding my breath, they weren’t! 


The kids were crawling around and breathing in everything that was coming out of that aerosol can. I looked at the ingredients listed on the can and Isobutane was the first ingredient and then propane! That’s what I use to light the grill! Maybe I shouldn’t be putting it on my scalp and I certainly don’t want my kids inhaling or ingesting it. 


I thought there has to be a better solution out there. There has to be a dry shampoo that is non-toxic. 


I started to look online to buy some natural dry shampoos, and the cheapest I found at the time was a 2-oz bottle for $19.99, and that wasn’t going to work for my budget. I decided I could make it myself for cheaper. So I researched what natural ingredients could be used for a dry shampoo and ordered them. I experimented with different options and tested different ingredients. I wanted high-quality but also at an affordable cost. Soon I found the right ratios, created my formula, and No Poo Dry Shampoo was born! 


I posted it online and someone wanted to buy it. Then more people wanted to buy it! And I knew I was on to something. 


For the last handful of years, I have made the conscious choice to use non-toxic products not only in my hair but throughout my household. One-by-one I started to swap out toxic cleaners and products for more eco-friendly ones. 


I am passionate about trying to keep myself, my family and my customers healthy. I want the products I’m using in and around my kids to be as safe as possible, and I want to share those quality products with all of you. Now I can trust that my kids aren’t breathing in toxins and I’m not coating my hair in propane when I apply No Poo Dry Shampoo. AND my hair looks good, too!