About Me

I am a modern mom of 2 on a mission to create a high-quality, non-toxic, and an eco-friendly product that’s safe for you and the entire family! 
Why I started: I was in the bathroom one day, just caking my hair with aerosol dry shampoo. I had the kids around me in the bathroom and although I was holding my breath, they weren’t. The kids are crawling around and breathing this in. So, I looked at the back of the can...Isobutane was the first ingredient and then propane! I was like ok well that’s what I use to light the grill, I feel like that's maybe not good for my scalp or for the kids to ingest or inhale! I said, there has to be a better solution. I started looking online to buy some natural dry shampoos. The cheapest I found at the time was a 4oz bottle for $19.99. I was like, I could make this myself for cheaper so I researched what ingredients would work and ordered them. Once I found the right ratios I posted about it and somebody wanted to buy it. I was like sure, let’s do it. Then more people wanted to buy it.
Over the past year I have started choosing non-toxic products, swapping out things one by one and dry shampoo was one of them. I have a big passion for trying to be healthy. I especially want the products I’m using around the kids to be as safe as they can.