Essential Oils + Scalp Benefits


   Lavender oil -  lavender has soothing & calming properties, that can aid in                                 healthy hair growth, soothing of irritated skin on your scalp, &                               help create healthy shinier hair! 

Geranium oil -  geranium is known to help with cleansing for the hair & scalp, boost hair shininess, & strengthen your hair.
Eucalyptus oil - eucalyptus has a cooling & refreshing scent, & can aid in the reviving & refreshing of dull, oily hair. 
Peppermint oil - peppermint has a bold, refreshing scent that aids in a healthy scalp, & can stimulate quicker hair growth when applied to the scalp. 
Orange oil - orange contains natural antioxidants & can aid in healthier scalp & hair, while boosting your hair’s overall health & shininess.
Cedarwood oil - cedarwood has a warm & woodsy scent, & has properties that can naturally cleanse your scalp & hair, deodorize dirty hair, & aid in quick & thicker hair growth.