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Hi, there! I'm Erin.

I'm the former teacher turned stay-at-home mom turned small business owner who has now sold 1000's of non-toxic hair and body products that help women feel empowered to ditch their conventional, boxstore products and switch to clean + organic products THAT ACTUALLY WORK!

After having children, holding my breath spraying my dry shampoo and realizing they weren't, I flipped the can over and was horrified with the ingredients. I made my own dry shampoo and No Poo was born.

I'm here to help you because I KNOW how daunting it is to try to sift though all of the greenwashing companies use to actually find products that work better than what you were using.

After seven years, a lot of trial and error, becoming certified in green haircare product formulation by Joan Morais Cosmetics school and taking multiple herbalism courses with the Herbal Academy, I brought forward the best non-toxic products on the market.