Best Way To Apply My Mermaid Sea Salt Texturizing Spray!

Best Way To Apply My Mermaid Sea Salt Texturizing Spray!

I get asked what the best way to apply my Mermaid Spray is!

First, make sure you shake your sea salt spray VERY well. This is crucial. You aren’t going to overdo it with the shaking! This ensures the product is properly mixed and ready for application! Shake, baby, shake!

Second, spray each section of your hair. Applying only to the mid and top section is fine, but feel free to apply lower if you like! Despite claims against it, you can apply sea salt spray to the roots of your hair. In fact, if you are looking for more volume, then by all means – add sea salt spray to the roots!

If you don’t want to use the spray on your roots, use my dry shampoo. This will give you the volume you are looking for.

Third, once the sea salt is applied – twist, crunch, and scrunch your hair. This is super fun and the most important part of the process. This is going to activate the sea salt spray and give you a fresh-off-the-beach look.

You can also follow this routine the night before and put your hair into scrunchies. Leave your hair in the scrunchies overnight, and the next morning you will be ready to go!

Fourth and last, you have two options for drying your hair with your freshly applied Mermaid Texturizing + Growth Spray.

Option One: You can blow dry your hair on a cool setting. You don’t want to use too much force when blowing drying your hair – so hold that hair dryer at a distance. We want the sea salt to work its magic, and too much forceful air will keep it from doing that.

Option Two: Let it air dry! Remember, your hair wasn’t soaked when we started. It was just damp. So by this point, it shouldn’t need much more time to completely dry. For most users, air drying is sufficient.

To apply to dry hair, just spritz until you reach your desired look/texture.

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