Customer Question: Does your Mermaid Spray act as a hair spray?! Let's chat!

Customer Question: Does your Mermaid Spray act as a hair spray?! Let's chat!

I absolutely love this question by long time customer Renee! It all depends on the amount of hold you are going for...but long story short, YES ❤️

If you are wanting to replace your aerosol hair spray that someone might use as a finishing spray and gives that slight hold, then YES! My sea salt spray gives a hold of a 1.5 on a scale of 1-3. I gave up my aerosol can completely and just use my Mermaid Spray instead. My husband DITCHED his pomade and solely uses my Mermaid Texturizing Spray.

HE LOVES IT! Haha he might be biased, but he has used pomade for 10+ years and he ran out last year and I asked him if he would be okay trying my Mermaid Spray instead. He said he totally would try it. He reported back after a couple of days that he loves it and that it holds his hair just enough without being slicked back or "not too crunchy" (his words which he meant that it didn't make his hair too stiff lol). 

I've looked into other hairsprays that are clean, and not to brag, but my Mermaid Spray has even better ingredients and will provide that medium hold with no stickiness.

Did you know that sea salt opens up the cuticles in your hair, leading to more volume when used?! Sea salt is just so good for the hair along with the rosemary and geranium essential oils that lightly scent the strands and penetrate hair follicles which helps to create shinier, more supple strands.

All in all, YES use my Mermaid Sea Salt Texturizing Spray as a light to medium hold hair spray. Summer is right around the corner, so it's time to get that effortless volume the natural way. 
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