Healthy Hair Challenge Tracker

Healthy Hair Challenge Tracker

Have you ever heard of 75 Hard? Essentially there is a quick checklist of what to do to keep track of what you have done to complete item for the day. Aka drink a gallon of water, workout twice a day with one of those workouts being outside etc. I curated a short list for a challenge I am doing in July for healthy scalp/hair(I set it as the cover photo). 
In fact, I just had a testimonial 2 days ago where someone said that the Organic Rosemary Hair Tea Rinse that I sell actually has helped her inflamed scalp. She had visable red patches, and the antioxidants and anti-inflammatories in the rosemary helped to sooth. This is exactly why I use it, health at the follicular level. Incorporating this rinse twice a week, over time, will help the hair. 
I also pair my Mermaid Spray (speaking of another topical item) for hair growth by spritzing it on the scalp after showering. When it is dry, I spray on the strands to provide that sea salt texture.
Then there are other things to help with hair which is internal things. Ie focusing on nutrition, filtered and remineralized water, and protein filled snacks. I linked my instagram post sharing about vitamin B and how and why it is healthy for hair.

Hopefully this short blog is helpful and I would love for you to join my challenge. All that is needed is using Mermaid Spray consistently and then everything else on this checklist is an added bonus to help. If you are reading this not in July, these are great things to incorporate as well. 
Thanks for being here,

xoxo erin

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