What is hair training and double cleanse shampooing??

What is hair training and double cleanse shampooing??


What even is hair training and how often should we implement hair training techniques and ideas? Well, let's chat and hopefully I will answer some of your questions and questions I have gotten over the years.

Hair training is essentially the process of reducing shampoo frequency and bringing your scalp back into balance. It involves slowly reducing the frequency of hair washes to reduce oil buildup while avoiding damage or stripping your hair's natural oils. 

However, it has been taken to the extreme where women will literally wash their hair twice a month "because it doesn't need it and looks fine." Our scalp is an entirely different microbiome than the rest of our bodies and ages the quickest as well. So that means we really need to nourish it and take care of it on a multi weekly basis. When you think about the dirt, dust, debris, sweat, oils and other environmental stressors(smoke, humidity, heat, cold)...essentially our scalps and hair take a hit.

Pretend you look at your scalp under a microscope. Imagine all of the build up of product and gunk there would be on it after only washing our hair once a week or once every other week. Gunk that isn't exfoliated and removed builds up and clogs follicles and therefore more unhealthy hair. 

On the other hand, washing our hair daily or every other day also stresses the scalp. When we wash daily or every other day, we are stripping our hair of its natural and beautiful oils. This leads to our scalp trying to produce more oils to compensate. Then we wash it the next morning and strip it of its oils and the scalp kicks into gear and starts to produce more oil. So by the end of day 1, when I used to wash daily, my hair would literally look like a rat who had climbed out of a sewer. Matted and oily. It looked gross and then I would need to wash it daily which would perpetuate the greasy cycle. And too much grease then clogs our follicles and that leads to unhealthier hair and not as thick hair.

This leads us to double washing or double cleansing. Have you heard about it?? Ideally, we need to all be washing our hair(regardless of hair type since we are going for scalp health here and in turn hair health) twice a week. Once at the least and twice at the max. When you wash once or twice, I always recommend a double cleanse. This means shampooing once which gets the dirt and buildup out of the hair. And the second shampoo allows the penetration of the shamp/condish which is what we want since they help the scalp and hair. During this second wash with the shampoo, this is when I GENTLY use my scalp massager which also helps the scalp with increased circulation and exfoliates the scalp and unclogs follicles etc. 

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Hope that this blog helps and remember that if you have any questions, always feel free to email me at nopoodryshampoo@gmail.com.



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